Hi there, I have a simple site, with a few videos that I want to dynamically "change" the video that loads.

Originally I was using a UILoader and dynamically changing the UILoaders source with a button and an action script using
function videoGo(evtObj:MouseEvent):void{
	videoLoader.source = "video.swf";
And I had the video imported into that SWF as an F4V.

But I wanted a nicer look and decoded to go with an FLVPlayback. However I can't seem to dynamically change JUST the flv playback. The issue with the UI loader was it didn't show the loading progress to stream and FLVPlayback.

Here is the new code that I was trying, the commented out ones don't work.
function simulationGo(evtObj:MouseEvent):void{
	//videoLoader.source = "video.swf";
	//FlashPlayer.contentPath = "video.mov";
As you can see I don't need fancy scripts, and fancy XML's and stuff. I just have a few videos, like 5, and I'll change them through the flash file when I want to update them.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I also get like Error 1000 when I changed it, and error 1119 as well on the contentPath.