i am using FlashDevelop and have created a project called NavBar. I have created a few folders, 1 of which is called app which contains another called gui but within this has a document class called NavigationBar.as.

Now, i've created a Main.as file which resides undeaneath the src folder and what i am trying to do is import the NavigationBar.as in my Main.as file. However, every time i type app and do the '.' and press enter i get,
flash.system.ApplicationDomain., how can i make AS aware of my class file, Navigati
onBar.as in app > gui > NavigationBar.as and any document class file for that matter?

1 other thing is that in my Navigationbar.as file i did the following..
package app.gui
// rest of code skipt

but when i build it i get the following error:
C:\Users\vista\Documents\FlashDevelopProjects\NavB ar\app\gui\NavigationBar.as: Error: A file found in a source-path must have the same package structure '', as the definition's package, 'app.gui'.
how can i also sort this out?