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Thread: The SpaceMan Biff and Bear Cartoon! Episode 1

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    Thanks for stopping by...

    Watch the cartoon. I'd like to get your feedback before it gets published to my website. Thanks

    http://www.xamani.com/themission_ep1.html (455k)

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    i dig it! in about a month or so i hope to start up a new flash animation website called animeiga ('eiga' theatre in japanese) featuring anime flash, and other flash cartoons. let me know and i'll keep you posted, i'll be doing a call for animation around then too-

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    Count me in... That sounds like a great idea. This is what I'm talking about regarding my Flash animation Co-Op idea. (as discussed in the 'compition' form) This could be a for-profit website. What do you think?

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    great! for profit how? i'm exploring my options for that avenue though.

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    Here are the 3 secrets of producing $$$$ from your website:


    and then mo traffic.

    If you have good traffic, advertisers pay!

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    Very nice. Good story and animation. I did have a little trouble understanding the evil guy on the viewscreen because his dialogue was so quiet relative to the others. And I assume you'll add a replay button and all before it goes live. Other than that, it was great!

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    It's hard work trying to get that traffic though.

    It's a viscious circle, to get people to return, you need good content, to get enough content together (In my case getting people to submit cartoons) people want to be sure their stuff is being seen.

    Sometimes people just refuse to make the leap, or so I've found refuse to think about making the leap.

    Still, good things come to those who wait, I've had my site up a year, and only now, with a few people returning am I getting a decent amount of hits per month.

    It's still chicken feed compared to the big league players, but It's always going to be tough when you're doing something completely original.

    If I was to set up a Backstreet boys fan site, and get it on a few search engines, I'd probably get a hundred times as many hits, but that's not what I'm into, so here I am, getting by on about 500 a month.

    Which isn't bad, but there's still a long way to go..

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    Wow, the animation crashed my browser but the sound still played..!!

    I'm gonna come back to it later, but it looks good dude, could I possibly post it in my growing animation section..?

    Like I said, I get a fair bit of traffic, and you'll get the full credits and links on the page it's displayed, the front page and in the links section..

    E-mail me if you're interested, and I'll get around to it!!

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    biff & bear shows some potential...the voices need to be optimized better, they are very hard to hear...but the drawings are pretty nice and the animation is suitable.

    check out my space cartoon http://www.badastical.com and see what you think. post stuff in our forum please!!

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    Wow, I like the animation a lot, love the inside jokes.
    I wonder what size your animation is.

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    I appreciate this kind of feedback from everyone. I'm really interested in hearing feedback from like animators as well as animation/cartoon fans. My next episode will have this big fight scene that's going to kick it! So check back and I'll keep you informed.

    Dogjaw, you mentioned that the voices need to be optimized better. I agree and plan to redo some of the voices (like the bad guy, Zig, on the TV screen. I watched your cartoon with a particular interest for the sound quality, and was pleased that all your sounds came through clear although, there wasn't a lot of dialog going on between the characters with isn't as challenging to deal with. But the story was great!

    Question: (and anyone feel free to answer as well) What sound editing tools do you use? What is the best process to optimize sound for the web? Is there one sound package that can do it all? (sound effects, music, sound editing, and optimize, etc. )

    Oh and Dogjaw, feel free to put your url plug in this message topic anytime…
    I think it's a good thing to view the production of our work and have the opportunity to discuss some of the details on how they made it work.

    U.P! Thanks!
    Not sure what you mean by size. The file size is about 460k. The screen size is 550 x 400. I streamed the sound to keep the timing as close as possible. The original sound file was over 16 megs!!! So, I was very happy that the production was under 500k. I think a big part of the compression was that we took a great deal of effort to optimize the artwork.

    XAM! Animation
    http://www.xamani.com/themission_ep1.html (Spaceman Biff)
    (man, I need to get a signature going)

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    Yeah you are right, Badastical isn't the best example of optimized sound...i worked really hard to make the voices seem like BAD audio from space.

    I use Sonic Foundry's SoundForge for all my recording and cleanup and processing, etc...for long dialogue sequences I do the sequencing in AcidMusic.

    Also I have found when exporting my Flash movies that upping the sound settings to 24 bit/best quality makes a HUGE difference in the final sound quality.

    check out http://www.pulpphantom.com for a better idea of the kind of dialogue quality I mean...the early episodes were pretty crappy but in the newer episodes I think I've gotten the hang of it.

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    Originally posted by dogjaw
    check out http://www.pulpphantom.com for a better idea of the kind of dialogue quality I mean...the early episodes were pretty crappy but in the newer episodes I think I've gotten the hang of it.
    If I understand you correctly, you did the pulp fhantom cartoons? It was nicely done and man this cracked me up! But I thought these were done by http://www.warmedia.com. ??? no other credits were given. Please clarify.

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    pretty simple...WarMedia pays Bigfoot Brothers to make Pulp Phantom. We create the cartoon and they release it on their web site.

    USED to be a credits page but their webmaster took it down and they are dragging their feet on putting one back.

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    how much did you get payed for something like that?

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    The ubiquitous piccy

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