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Thread: Loading multiple sound files with a single class

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    Question Loading multiple sound files with a single class

    Hey everyone,

    I am still getting used to AS3 and I have hit another "oh... it doesn't work like that anymore moment"

    I am working on a simple game for kids. The game revolves around the alphabet and it is all voiced. So I have a good number of sound files that I need to call on at any given moment.

    In AS2 I would just link all of the sound files to variables at run-time and have them ready to play when the interaction dictated it.... with the way "linkage" has changed in AS3... I feel like it would be a bad idea to have over 50 different class files (one for each sound file) so I am looking for a cleaner solution... that and I am guessing that having redundant class files misses the point.

    I haven't had much luck finding a forum post or tutorial that talks directly about this type of issue but the idea is a little foreign right now so I am sure I have stared directly into the gold mine and not noticed. I am very interested any thoughts or links on the subject.

    Thanks in advance.


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