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Thread: Newbie Help Please with non-dynamic Text

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    Newbie Help Please with non-dynamic Text

    Hi, i am creating a very simple banner with a 3 frames each with a line of text. I'd like to have one word from each line in a different colour.


    Frame 1 - "I am Superman"
    Frame 2 - "I am Spiderman"
    Frame 3 - "I am Batman"

    I would like to have the words "I am" in White and Superman, Spiderman & Batman in say, Red

    In the text editor, I seeem to be able to only change the cooour of the entire text, not individual words. I'm sure theres a very simple solution, I just can't find it.

    Apologies for my being a bit dim.

    Regards & Thank You.

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    Hello, I'm almost certain you can't do this except to create the 'I am' text in white, then create the Superman, Spiderman and Batman text in red seperately and place it next to 'I am' text so it looks like its the same text.

    Hope that makes sense. If anyone else has any solutions?

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    That is the easiest way for non-dynamic text.
    It can be done with CSS but for dynamic text

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    TheSween & Blanius

    Thank you very much for your help, i have done it the way you suggest - i found the alignment tool, so it looks fine. I just assumed that i could change text colour in the text editor (like i can now with this forum's text editor), maybe it can go on the requested features list for the next release. . .



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    Rich text is not currently supported.

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