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Thread: Font Sizes

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    Font Sizes

    Why do some fonts not like being at certain sizes? Eg Helvetica Neue at 20pt? It's puzzling.

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    What problem are you experiencing specifically?

    Some fonts just show up funny because they are anti-aliased by the renderer at runtime. Flash exports the font glyphs into its own memory space and only exports the glyphs it is using, I'm guessing the conversion engine is not perfect hence we get the errors where fonts just down right break to weird illegible blocks.

    Try toggling the property setting for animation/readability or play around with the antialias modes ie. custom anti alias in the property dropdown.

    You may also try to set TextField.antiAliasType to TextFieldAntiAliasType.ADVANCED if it's a dynamic text-box, there is also a sharpness setting for TextField.fontSharpness (I think... check the documents).

    Hope this helps.

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    When you specify a font for your web page, it is important that you do not just specify a single font, even if it is a font that you think that most people have, like the ubiquitous "Arial" font. If your visitor uses a different type of computer, such as a non-Windows computer, even fonts like Arial may not be available.This means that if a computer has the Arial font installed, a browser is to use that font to render the pages on the site. Otherwise, it will try to use the Helvetica font. If the latter is also not available, then it should just use any sans serif font it can find.

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    As I know different browsers render fonts differently, that is it depends on browser engine.

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