dark pages seem to be getting more and more popular with - break the mould - designers. I have spent a long time battling with the thought.

the breakdown being I still find them hard to read if I'm tired or there its an unusually bright day ! (Britain?)

:im: - good point on Verdana - Msoft spent a fortune investigating the subject of reading stuff on screen
- they came up with Verdana (a good solution from msoft!?!).

being new to flash I find it an exiting tool. I'm still exited by its 100% sizing in page - no other (bar serious coding) can you have your page fill your screen whatever res - in the design that you chose for the page.

Imagine Picasso showing only a quarter of his picture? (doesn't work does it!)
I (and all net newbies) hate scrollbars and am trying to get rid of them slowly from my screens.
We that are used to the net - do not make life easy (in general) to those who need to like it

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