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Thread: [Cs4] Saving problems.

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    [Cs4] Saving problems.

    Hello all those kind enough to help a newbie =)

    I am using CS4, and learning to do all kinds of neat stuff. The various movies and things I've made work just fine before I've saved them and press the Control-Test Movie option.

    Unfortunately, if I save my fla file, the swf for it won't work anymore (it wiggles around the screen). This glitchy version will appear when I press Test Movie or if I try to publish it and upload it online ( here it is http://livingdaylights.webs.com/Untitled-3.swf warning: it's an eyesore) after I've saved my fla file.

    Does anyone know why this is happening or what I am doing wrong?


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    Guessing that you need a stop() action somewhere... it seems to be in an endless loop.
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