Hi, my name is Nathan Gibson and I'm posting in regards to a project I'm currently working on. The project is currently simply titled "Siege Wars." It is planned to be an online flash game with a java back-end. Position openings are as follows:

Flash Artist(s) and Animator(s)
Sound Artist(s)
Actionscript 3.0 Programmer(s)
Java Programmer(s)
Concept Artist(s)
Web Developer(s) - Filled
Dialogue Writer(s)- Filled

A plan for the Java server classes has been laid out in detail. Information on the game's features (equipment, skills, game-play) has also been detailed. Story and Lore has been detailed as well.
The requirements for each position are as follows:

Position Requirements
Flash Artist(s) and Animator(s) -
Anybody applying for this position needs to have a decent amount of experience with creating and animating art in Flash. MUST work well in a team.

Sound Artist(s)
Someone applying in this area needs the ability to create sound effects such as fire, metal against metal, etc. Being able to create music is a plus. MUST work well in a team.

Actionscript 3.0 Programmer(s)
Actionscript programmers must have the ability to program in Actionscript 3.0. Experience with programming isometric-layout games is a plus. OOP optimization abilities are a MUST. MUST work well in a team.

Java Programmer(s)
Java programmers must be experienced in Java programming. Experience with socket-servers is a plus. Experience with Java-MySQL or Java-SQL connections is a plus. MUST work well in a team.

Concept Artist(s)
A concept artist must have the ability to effectively listen and draw the requested art in enough detail that the Artists and animators will be able to use the concept. MUST work well in a team.

Web Developer(s)
Someone applying for the web developer position must be fluent with PHP. Ability to optimize MySQL databases and Java to PHP connections is a MUST. MUST work well in a team.

Dialogue Writer(s)
Dialogue Writers are required to have a very in depth understanding of the English language and have a good ability to grasp a plot. Experience writing a story is a plus. MUST work well in a team.

At the present time, funds for the project are at a minimum, and thus payment will be discussed on an individual basis. Due to the low amount of funding for the project, do not shy away from applying simply because you are not a top developer in your field; this is a learning experience for everybody, and as long as you meet the minimum requirements, there is no reason not to apply.
Note: Low to Medium qualifications may earn you a place on the team but not a paying spot. This is not necessarily permanent, and any raise of payment will be decided upon based on your effort for the project.

AIM Screen Name: GibsonNathanA

I appreciate your time and anticipate contact from you.

Nathan Gibson