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Thread: FLVs imported worked, then started stuttering.

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    FLVs imported worked, then started stuttering.

    I have a Flash™ AS2 (Using Flash CS4) file that required some video imports.

    The videos were shot at 1280x720 at 29.97 fps against a green screen.

    I brought the 1-minute clips into Adobe After Affects, keyed out the green screen, and exported as an FLV with the following set-up:
    • codec: On2 vP6
    • Max Data Rate: 400 kbps
    • Frame rate: 24
    • Audio: MP3 64 kbps (mono)

    The files were then imported into the 960x700 Flash™ file at their original file dimensions, using "Load external video with playback component".

    After uploading to an online test site, the original testing worked great with no glitches on any of the 4 test PCs.

    Then I received several more ( same set-up) videos... did the exact same exporting and importing... and now the video stutters horribly.

    I've tried adjusting the output (After Effects) to output at a Max Data Rate: 150 kbps, as well as bringing the output dimensions down to 960x540 (not proportion constrained, I know), and this helped a lot.

    But why did the stuttering happen to begin with? It worked the first time... and with bigger (dimension) FLVs.

    I'm so stumped trees shun me.

    Any suggestions from the FlashKit Gurus?

    Thanks in advance!

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