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Thread: Paint Shop Pro and 3D studio max

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    Hello I am new to the whole graphics design scene and I am looking to buy some new software. I allready own Adobe Photoshop 5.5 and 6.0 and Macromedia Flash 4 and 5. The question that I have is is it worth the money for Paint Shop Pro and 3D Studio Max. Also I was wondering what other programs are good for graphics. I don't like Illustrator that much but please give me a list of good quality programs for mking graphics. This would be greatfully apprediated for me ( a newbie graphics designer). Thanks.
    ~ Mike

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    Try Ulead PhotoImpact 6, Corel Xara X, and/or Bryce

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    hiya MPirone,

    welcome to the wonderful realm of graphic design

    i think there can be no definite answer to that question.
    everybody has his/her prefered tools for working and
    drawing, but i can tell you which tools I use...

    Bitmap manipulating tools:
    (scanning, retouching, image manipulation, image creation,
    layout, print and web graphics)

    Photoshop (5.5 or 6) - that one is a killer tool!

    DeBabelizerPro - saving and compressing image data

    a gif animator - you'll need just ONE, doesn't really matter
    which one (ulead has a good one)

    a image mapping tool - same as gif animator

    vector drawing

    freehand9 (especially if you don't like illustrator), a
    real power tool for editing and creating type, geometric
    shapes (for interfaces and so on)

    adobe streamline (converting bitmaps to vector)

    animation & 3D

    flash5 (of course -D)

    3D studio is very nice, but there are alternatives:
    Cinema4D, lightwave
    i do work with 3SM, but it's a hell to learn and understand,
    besides, it really need a FAST machine.

    i won't recommend bryce. i does help you create stunning
    landscapes, but i never saw the use of those. a photography
    and handwork in 3SM will do all the same. but that's up to
    you of course...

    if you're in html editing or webdesign:

    homesite (nothing else)
    there's no better tool for PC for html coding. and if you
    plan to go into webdesign seriously, do learn to write html
    code without any wysiwyg tools. i know this is a often
    discussed topic, but NO tool will write html as clean and
    efficent as you will when you learned it (and it's not that


    the most important tools you'll ever own as a graphic
    designer is your (open) mind, your hands and a pencil.

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