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Thread: Desperate for some help!

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    Desperate for some help!

    Ok, I have a problem that I just cannot fix. I need your guys' help bad here!

    I am designing graphics for a new website that is very similar to this one: http://www.ariza.com.tr/site.html

    I have designed the circles with the buttons, that rotate around when clicked. But my problem is that when I take the design that I have made and drop it into my movie clip stage where I am assembling the entire rig, the bounding box around the circle is bigger on some sides due to the fact that the buttons that are embedded into the circle extend its own bounding box on the top side. So when I attempt to code the circle for rotation, it does not rotate correctly and looks all off kilter because on some sides the bounding box extends further than the actual circle does.

    Is there any way that this can be fixed? I've racked my brain for the past day now trying to figure out a solution but I've run dry with ideas on how to fix this problem!

    Please help me, it's driving me crazy!!!

    -Thanks in advance guys

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    Do you mean that the registration point of the movie clip is set to the center of the movie clip instead of the center of the circle?

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