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Thread: createTextField and XML linebreak problem

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    createTextField and XML linebreak problem

    I have been unable to produce a line break in a dynamically created text field using createTextField, which loads data from XML.

    my AS2 script resembles the following:

    myTxt = createTextField("txt_field",1,0,0,1000,1000);
    myTxt.type = TextFieldType.DYNAMIC;
    myTxt.wordWrap = myTxt.autoSize = myTxt.html = true;
    myTxt.htmlText = xml.firstChild.childNode[0]; //previously loaded xml
    I've tried various things within the XML to produce a line break such as:

    & # 10 ; and & # 13 ; both within an attribute and within a node
    <br> and <p> both within <![CDATA[....]]> and without
    variations on \n and \b.

    I'm still unable to produce a line break in flash from within the XML data.

    Please help!
    ***this may or may not be related but I have successfully created line breaks by appending "\n" to the xml loaded text (in my AS code), but ONLY when the dynamic text field is part of a movie clip, NOT when loaded via code with createTextField

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    In your XML file <br>.

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