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Thread: Use flash as a skin for an app

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    Use flash as a skin for an app

    Hello all, I have a question. Would it be possible to use a flash projector as a new skin for an allready existing application?

    Maybe pin a flash file to a window?


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    You can do this with SWF Studio (my product).

    Before you get too excited, you should know that most applications won't like being treated this way. The application has no way of knowing that it's been hijacked so it tries to go about its business as it normally does. The app might not display properly when "embedded" like this or it might just crash randomly. You have been warned.

    Now for the trick that makes it work... The SWF Studio ssCore.Shell.execute command has a sneaky little argument called forceChild and if you set that to true, then the application that you launch will become a child window of your Flash application.

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    um. i'll check it out

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