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Thread: 2 xml gallerys in one flash cs4 file

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    2 xml gallerys in one flash cs4 file

    as title i have created a web page which has one xml gallery on one frame, however i want this gallery on another frame, if i copy and paste the code there are var errors which i managed to get rid of by changing the var names. Is there a method to put two xml gallerys within one fla file but on different frames.

    the xml gallerys has been coded on the frame, being linked with an action script and xml file which creates the thumbnail images ad loads them from an image folder.

    Many Thanks

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    Rename your container clip, and change the path to your xml file.

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    I'm trying to make a dynamic photo galley using xml and AS2 - File can be found at the link below:


    At the moment only one of my xml images is being loaded from the 15 in the folder. Can anyone give me an idea of how to pull in these images please.

    Sorry if the code has got abit crazy, I've been pulling my hair out with it for 3 days now - but dont know enough about programming quite yet to work this out.

    Feel free toa use the gallery and images I made inside for anything you like if you can sort it, please get back to me though with help.

    The finished version for me needs to have white boxes around each image portrait or landscape (like the new Apple gadget and the file I've attached already does this for the image loaded) - then the arrow take you to a new page of pics, if there are more than 30 in the folder.


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