OK. Just for a brief understanding of what's going on. I'm in Web Page Design class at my High School and I am a senior student. In my class, we have all the essentials of Macromedia products, I think. Sometime after my spinal surgery on Oct. 29th of 2009, my teacher made everyone work on a Flash finale for the semester. I was out of school for a month in November, and sometime in late-November of 2009, my home-bound teacher gave me one of the computers from my Web Page Design class. I worked on it for more than one month, even if I did return on the second week of December. I'm finished with the animation, and now all I need to do is work on the AS2 codes.

I have two towers; one of them is the spare that was given to me for my finale and the other is my OWN computer. Both are using the same monitor and I do not have internet as it is only for the family computer.

Here's my problem: I am having problems with the buttons on Scene 2. If I test my movie, I can click on the button, and it will go on to the next frame, but the frame will not play unless I right click it and click Play.

Here's my code:

on (release) {

And here is my selected objective from my teacher that I'm having problems with:
Use the animated gif in a button so that if I point to it, it make a sound (like the dog will bark:; do not alter the way the animal looks in any of the button frames, just add the sound on the where you click.

I wandered how you can do that?

Sorry if I'm not explaining much.