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Thread: Where are we at with the F.K.C.A.P..?

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    Smile Where are we at with the F.K.C.A.P..?

    How much have we got so far, I'm trying to pull form the thread what has physically been finished, but it's hard work...!!

    Could someone update me with what's happening in the chats...?

    A great plan would be a newsletter to go out to all the current participants int he project to keep all people up to date with it's current progress..

    Ah well.. Any info would be much apreciated..!

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    Beyond the Sea
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    newsletter sounds good

    to keep us all up to date.

    Here's what I've gathered from all the conversations and posts:
    We're going with CNO's (Chris) storyboard to begin with.
    Everyone should be doing character sketches and coming up with short, I mean really short, scenes that we can string together with what Chris has already come up with.
    I'm working on a few backgrounds for the story so far. We've got Chris's beginning with the girl in front of the store window full of t.v.s, and a city behind her that is the scene of a wonderous anime battle. The battle features a jet/mecha, that GGW has already concepted and is in the process of fleshing out and a creature (similar to Godzilla, has been the idea thrown around here).

    As I understand it, that's about where we are.
    I gotta run, correct this or add to it if I've missed something.

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    if we keep this up, board posts, Irc chat, newsletter...

    we'll never get around to doing the project!!!

    We need to post more relevant stuff, stories, pics, and less garble. i am the most guilty of course.... so in remorse, you wont be hearing from me for a couple of days, until i have something to contribute.

    sadly, vacating

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    All good points.

    Karaken, are you actually involved in the chat...? Could you ask someone if they'd have the time to post a newsletter..?

    I agree Tim, but at the same time we need somewhere where, what we already have is listed, so we know where we are, and know what not to submit...
    That was the point I was trying to make, at the moment the actual thread has turned into a free for all chat, and has become far too big to navigate, I'd do it myself if I had the time, but someone needs to pull all the relevant bits together into either a newletter via e-mail, or preferably an announcement...

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