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Thread: Can anybuddy explain me this trail ?

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    Hiya folx...
    Can anybuddy tell me how those guys made that snowing trail... @ http://www.zuki.com


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    I'm not a flash programmer. But it's a action script using the tell target feature and a movie clip. You might get a more "how to" from the Actionscript board.

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    That I can understand...
    in fact I can imagine that with an actionscript flash must detect that the cursor is moving and at some timing intervals the actionscript tells the cursor to start a movieclip...the question is how...I think it's a pretty cool trail that could be the object of some Tutorial at Flashkit...or if it's based in some way on the "creating mouse trails" tutorial @ flashkit (http://www.flashkit.com/tutorials/Actionscripting/Expert/Creating-Morten_B-540/index.shtml), then it would be great to explain that variant...

    Thanx again but I'd like some more precise explaination.


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