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Thread: Preloader Woes

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    resolved Preloader Woes

    Hey guys,

    Using this tutorial, I built myself a pretty nifty circular preloader in a separate flash file from my site: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y-Nimeht-Vo

    Works great. Love it. Now I copy paste the resources from the library of my preloader.fla I just built and put them in my main .fla file (website.fla) along with the frames. Preloader on frame 1, website on frame 2. Everything is set up exactly as in the preloader.fla file, except my website is on frame 2 instead of a placeholder image. So you would think everything would work without a hitch, right?....wrong.

    Testing it for the first time, I get the: "Your content will not stream. Runtime Shared Library (RSL) preloading will require all of your content to download before the first frame will play. To prevent this you can change... etc." I have no TLF text in any of my flash files. Going to Simulate Download, shows the default preloading animation (5 dots), checking my bandwidth profiler, I have less than 8 kb on frame 1.

    Alright, so I try getting rid of the default preloader by changing settings in the Publish Settings --> ActionScript 3.0 Settings --> Default Linkage from RSL to Merged Into Code and this is what happens...

    Testing it for the first time, I get: NO ERRORS, Hurray! Well, the confidence is short lived because when I go to Simulate Download, nothing happens. White box, no preloader. Checking my bandwidth profiler, I have 343 kb on frame 1!

    I've tried, embedding the text, switching around the Publish Settings --> ActionScript 3.0 Settings, tried using the original preloader.fla as an external preloader (but I don't know how to code it, so I know I didn't do it right) etc. and nothing seems to be working.

    CS5, AS3, no TLF text (just classic), and here's the code from that tutorial that I'm re-pasting here:

    function loadProgress(my_content:ProgressEvent):void{

    var percent:Number = Math.floor((my_content.bytesLoaded*100)/my_content.bytesTotal);
    myLoadText.text = percent + "%";
    function loadComplete (e:Event):void{
    currentFrame + 1;
    loaderInfo.addEventListener(ProgressEvent.PROGRESS ,loadProgress);
    loaderInfo.addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE,loadCom plete);
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    Problem solv-ed. Had some TLF text later in the animation that I didn't even think to check. Also, after removing the RSL settings, I wasn't waiting long enough for the preloader to actually appear. Took a couple minutes because I had the bandwidth set low. Working now!

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