I've been struggling all day with a project that had no problems at all yesterday. Published just fine yesterday and got exactly what I wanted. Today, when I opened the project and made a few cosmetic changes, suddenly the project publishes all wrong. Problems everywhere.

I worked through the glitches and got them smoothed out one by one, but then one of my stop(); (AS2) commands suddenly quit working properly. I never changed it, and it's exactly like every other stop(); in the project. It just doesn't work anymore, and nothing I do will change it.

I decided to create a new scene to get around the stop problem. The published file, however, didn't contain the new scene at all, as if I never created it. I rearranged things several times, put things back the way they were... and no matter what I do, it's as if CS4 is repeatedly publishing an old version, like a browser with old cache.

Now I'm in a situation where NOTHING I do has any effect at all on the published file. It just outputs the same old version over and over. Restarted CS4, rebooted the computer, saved under a new project name, published in a new folder, new output name, NOTHING. What is going on???