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Thread: IE / SWFObject test

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    IE / SWFObject test

    I just launched a site for a client and the client came back and said none of the Flash was appearing. I'm not experiencing the same issue so I'm puzzled as to what is going on. Of course, the browser in question is Internet Explorer. So does anyone mind going to the following site and telling me if both Flash movies appear or not?


    also I'm trying the defer="defer" trick at http://www.designmg.com/indexflashnav.html
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    I can see both pages in IE but the first link has some strange characteristics when viewed in IE7. First, you cannot view page source. Second, when attempting to download either of the .swf directly at
    you cannot, yet those addresses work just fine in FF.
    But for some reason these link work when coming from this post...???
    So copy and paste the link in your IE address bar to test. Attached is photo of error message.
    That is not normal behavior for direct download. For some reason that is not a valid address as seen directly by IE. So I don't think it has anything to do with swfobject, since the direct download link bypasses swfobject.
    My advice is to remove the swfobject and just use <object> to test for problems with IE that way. Because I don't think the issue is just swfobject.
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