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Thread: AS3 Game Dev Book

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    AS3 Game Dev Book

    Hi Guys, long time no post.
    Anyway, I am researching for a current flash game development book that used AS3. It should be cover the several main aspects and styles of gameplay (i.e. tile-based/isometric, some object or vector based would be nice, AI/pathfinding, ...).
    This book is going to be used as an aid for instructors teaching flash game development.

    Thanks Guys

    p.s. what's new, yellow and blue? :P

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    I think usefulness of any AS3 game development book largely (and sadly) depends how you are planning to develop the games. I mean what makes sense in Flash IDE can be pointless when using FD or Flex. If you just want to learn AS3 then you dont need book about game making, you get general AS3 book. Now where game development books go further is to explain how to best organize your assets or code so they can be easily re-used and changed. This, however has little to do with AS3 itself and quite a lot to do of which program you want to use.

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    The 8bitrocket guys have an AS3 game book coming out soon. You can read about it at their site or pre-order it on Amazon.com.

    I think they said it'd be coming out within a month or 2.

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    If your students are completely new to programming, you can try "Foundation Game Design", which covers basic game interactivity and logic.

    If it's an advanced course, try the book mentioned in the post above in addition to this one: http://www.friendsofed.com/book.html?isbn=9781430227397

    There's also "ActionScript Game Design University", which is excellent, but also quite advanced.

    Other advanced books that I can recommend are both of Keith Peters ActionScript 3.0 Animation books... all the techniques are applicable to games. The AdvancED one has a lot on AI and pathfinding.

    I don't know of any textbook-style Flash game design books, so whichever you choose you'd have to put in a bit of shop time to structure a curriculum.

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