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Thread: [FL 2.1] Touch screen not clickable!

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    [FL 2.1] Touch screen not clickable!

    Hi All,

    I am working with Flash Lite since last few days and tested all my work in device central, Windows Mobile5 and Nokia 5310 Xpress music which is default installed with Flash Lite 2.1.

    Recently I started testing FlashLite 2.1 SWF files in Samsung start3G touch screen mobile which is again default installed with FL 2.1 but none of the user clicks are recognized by FL. I am trying hard to click buttons but the click even never fires.....

    Can somebody please tell me what is the work around.....I am in an extremly irritating situation
    As ever,
    Vinayak Kadam

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    You need to provide more detail to get help Vinayak.

    Post the relevant part of the code you're using Vinayak, and/or describe how you are creating your buttons, are they set to be "button objects" or standard movieclips? Are you naming them, are you putting code on the objects on the stage or in your actions layer etc.

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