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Thread: Cannot workout - FLV component>Actions>hide movieclip

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    Cannot workout - FLV component>Actions>hide movieclip

    Hey all,

    I will have to explain this in steps

    I have a flash website,
    inside it I have the content on frame 2 (frame 1 = preloader)
    from there I have a content_mc which holds my pages
    I have a home page (frame labled home) which inside displays the home_mc.

    In here I have inserted a flvPlayback component

    Here's where the problem is.
    I have moved a stop and volume component on it aswel which has automatically linked up (which is nice).

    But I would like when I click the stop button, the video disappears
    The videoPlayback is called "introVid", the instance name is "vid", and is residing within the "home" mc.

    I know the code is something like:
    this.visible = false;
    movieclip(root).home.vid/introVid.visible = false;
    or I have also seen people using visibility = false...

    however I cannot find out how to link this with the flvPlayback Stop button component.

    Inside the button all I can find is:
    the 4 button states,

    some code on stop button itself:

    I require to put my actionscript on the press or release, but I cannot find out to do this, I assume the code at the moment is calling a "flash component class" which holds the actions for "stopButtonDown" or something,

    I did have a go at manually creating a mc and a button, and making that stop the flvPlayback, and hiding the movieClip, but with no luck.

    Any help is appreciated.


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    I am also running into a new problem with the introVid/vid,

    every time I open the home page, it starts up a new instance of the video, so it overlays.

    If I can find out, or someone help me work out how to stop/hide the video, I want it as a permanent variable for the life of the run (clicking home again will still have the video stoped and hidden)

    I will be putting in code that clicking any of the other pages stops/hides the video, I just need to know how to access the flvPlayback component, I may also create a sepeate stop button then, as this stopbuttonComponent is not working out good/fun.

    So all problems are still there,
    Hope I can get a solution/help soon.


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    Hey guys im getting no replys,

    1.create a movieclip or button, and what sort of code do I need to do to call the flvPlayer, or instance to stop playing the content.
    (also can I make it so when leaving the "home" frame, it stops the playback. This will save me putting the stop code on all the Nav buttons.)

    2.why Is my player overlapping when I go back to the home page?
    (Home page is a frame with Home_mc dragged onto stage, FlvPlayer is dragged on stage and set to autoPlay),
    So no flv = new flv etc is being used, so it shouldn't be creating a new instance of it.


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