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Thread: FLV, masking, and Macintosh projector oddities

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    FLV, masking, and Macintosh projector oddities

    I have an instance of an FLV video in a movie clip on the main timeline. Withing the movie clip, I have it masked to fit into a custom shape on-screen, and I am publishing this as a Macintosh projector app.

    When I view the projector in its native size (1024x768), the masking works fine. But when I switch to full-screen mode, the masking disappears, and all I see is the video. It also kind of screws up the navigation from this mc to the next, i.e., the cuepoint stops working.

    Any thoughts as to why this is happening would be appreciated!

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    Well, I figured out that if I put this code on the frame where the instance of the flv (mc_60) starts, it will keep the video from taking over the whole screen when in full screen mode... but only if the video is already playing when you enter full screen mode. If I put the projector in full screen mode before the video starts, it still takes over the whole screen.

    function onShowFullScreen():void

    I am too dumb to figure out the syntax and placement of some similar actionscript to prevent this from happening globally. Can anyone help me???

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