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Thread: Need a player with protection;

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    Need a player with protection;


    I am broadcasting RTMP live stream.

    I have a free script provided by ADOBE (comes with adobe FMS)
    But the player doesn't have full screen button.

    Also i want to protect my stream ( viewer can only view it through my domain which i specify)

    This is the Adobe vition of the player http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?y0ourz4jjty

    Live RTMP URL is in livetest.as file

    If any one can make a new one our edit the existing one. i am willing to pay 50 to 60 USD

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    Hey Ashly,
    the only way to protect the .flv from being accessed by people outside your site is to stream it through a custom script that generates a unique key for the page holding the player, stores it in a database, passes a copy of it to the player, then validates and deletes it when it comes back from the player as part of the netstream request.
    That, then, only stops people from downloading the .flv directly. But someone could take apart the .swf and re-engineer it to save the .flv. If you need true security on this, you'll have to take extreme measures against decompilation as well.

    I'm not going to say that no one will take you up on this for 50 - 60 USD, but I will say that if they did, someone like me could figure out how to download your .flv in under five minutes. To do this right you will need to engineer a custom streaming script, build a database and cookie system, work with JS and PHP and then get into hex code in the byte data of the compiled SWF. There is no other way to guarantee protection.

    If your videos are critical and you are worried about protecting them, I'd suggest raising your asking price to 600 USD at a minimum. At that price, you will find someone in the third world with the skill to execute at least 2/3rds of what I just described.

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