I'm using Flash CS4, as3 and adobe air file. I have an application with 3 scenes, first scene to login, second to set up, and third to see an video.

The problem is that, when I put a component in the second or third scene, if a change any property in the component inspector, any property it gives me error. So put the component and I change property by code in as3.

But I'm doing things with FLVPlayback component, and now before enter the scene gives me error, the solution will be to get the original properties, but I don't remember, I could install other time Flash CS4, but I can do that for any componet, better know the solution.

For example, I have an as file who is the class named p.e. MyMainclass, and in the scene3, I put FLVPlayback, who default values it's the last I used (I don't remember default after instalation), if any code in as3, it gives me this error:

TypeError: Error #1009: Cannot access a property or method of a null object reference.
at com.program::MyMainClass/__setProp___id2__scene3_myvideo1_1()[com.program.MyMainClass::__setProp___id2__scene3_m yvideo1_1:7]

I remove this component, I put another one I never used, it doesn't give me error, I change any property in the object inspector, p.e. color, it gives me error, I change to original property again, and then NO ERROR.

Thanks in advance