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Thread: FLashLite 2.1 - back to back fscommands!

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    FLashLite 2.1 - back to back fscommands!

    Hello all,

    I am working on FlashLite 2.1 on Windows Mobiles.

    From SWF, if I try to run two fscommands, the second one executes, but the 1st one doesn't.

    1. fscommand("launch",......)
    2. fscommand("quit");

    fscommand("quit") happens successfully but the launch does not works. If I comment the second fscommand, the the 1st one launches an exe successfully. Can somebody tell me what shall be the issue here ?
    As ever,
    Vinayak Kadam

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    Could be several things, Might be a security "sandbox" issue, where the phone is not allowing the app to start, or you haven't got the second app's name correct.

    Whats most likely is that you're forgetting that Mobile devices are pretty slow, especially smartphones running loads of stuff simultaneously in the background.

    The Flash Lite to Device OS layer takes time to do stuff, so your quit command is probably stopping the communication from the earlier command actually happening.

    This sort of app triggering is quite hard to do properly - Normally the app that triggers the second one would need to check if the second app has started. Then, and only then should the first be closed.

    As this sort of 2 way control is impossible without using a non Flash Lite Compiler, e.g. Zinc or Janus, all you can do is this: Try putting lots of frames in your timeline, trigger the first FScommand, then let the timeline play();
    20 frames ish later, put in your quit command

    Good luck Vinayak!

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