Hi all.

I have a couple of niggling questions which i'm hoping somebody can answer.

1. I'm a single developer making half a dozen or so flash lite apps. I've initially designed them around a 240x320 screensize because to be honest, that's what size the screen can be as a minimum due to all the visual content. The application doesnt scale, because i've built in some logic for screen rotation. Anyway, there are a few other resolutions out there with slightly bigger screens, and some slightly narrower etc. I guess my question is, short of developing for every screensize out there (which isnt very feasible for myself), what does everybody else do out there?

2. I've packaged my swf into a .sis, which installs nicely. So, my other question is this: Do SWFs packaged into a .SIS need a standalone flash player to run (regardles of browser flash)? And are there phones out there that have the flash plugin for the browser, but no standalone player? I dont want you to name them, but just tell me if they exist.