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Thread: Flash Ghost in Animations

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    Flash Ghost in Animations

    I've been using Flash for about 6 years (CS4 now). 2 of those years doing cartoons. SWF's work great as always but when I render a .mov file there is always a random trace or ghost in my animation. Mostly on a moving item or when I change a scene.

    My settings are on animation for compression and best quality for video. 15 frames a minute. I can re render the animation and break it up in Imovie since the ghost are random but I'm tired of doing that and sometimes one spot will always have a ghost somewhere in the time line so it does not always work. Kinda just lost at this point as to wether it's a bug or a setting but I'm sure this can't be happening to everyone. I do use a Mac but my junky laptop PC does it to so I don't think it's that.

    I've emailed Adobe, the guy who does cartoons tutorials at Cartoon smart, read a few hours of post here on the subject. Tried different setting (i have no idea how many times)

    I just went and got a converter that converts swfs to .mov files and while it had no ghost or traces, the video quality was poor enough to make it a waste.

    Thanks for your time reading my post on this subject.
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    Making high quality video for the web is not as easy as a video cam and a converter. One rule is to always render video just once. You can do that by using the capture function in premier.

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    I'm not doing a cam video. I'm doing cartoon animation. I'm using Flash to and not premier.

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    debofly did you ever find a good solution? Youtube does not upload swf files, and the exported mov has weird traces and artifacts.

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