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Thread: [RESOLVED] external swf help

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    resolved [RESOLVED] external swf help


    I have a main flash movie that loads in a bunch of different swfs based on the buttons pressed and also just based on timer events--I recently ran into a problem where if one of the external swfs is playing it flips the message 180 degrees of another external swf(which was loaded in and is playing based on a timer event)--Only the one external swf does this. Does anyone have any idea as to what may be going on? I was thinking it could be a duplicate variable name and changed all the variables to be more specific, but it still flips 180 when the one external swf is loaded--the external swf in question is a game that has many classes.
    Here is the problematic code:
    function moveItemTweet(mcTweet:MovieClip, xposTweet:Number):void {
    	TweenMax.to(mcTweet,1,{rotationY:xposTweet, transition:"easeOut"});
    function trackMouseTweet(e:MouseEvent):void {
    	var mousePosTweet:Number=stage.stage.width/2-stage.stage.mouseX;
    	moveItemTweet(containerTweets, 0 - (mousePosTweet / 20));}
    It seems that when the game is playing and only when its playing that the xposTweet which controls the Y rotation of the message gets flipped 180--
    If I trace the mouseX(trace(stage.stage.mouseX, "mouse x")the values are still correct, but yet the clip is flipped 180.
    Is there some way to make the code listed above independent of any other calls that may be going on?

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    Nevermind --figured it out--Thanks

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