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Thread: White frame blink at beging of FLV

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    White frame blink at beging of FLV


    I have a two tabs in flash . The background for both tabs is a gradient. Each tab also has it's own .flv being loaded in on frame one of it's own scene.
    So scene 1 has tab 1 and scene 2 has tab 2.

    Here is the issue, after completing the flv in scene 1 it goes to scene 2 where another .flv loads and plays. However there is always a blink of a blank white screen when it loads in the second.flv.

    I've tried to cover it up with a gradient by putting it over the first frame, but it sill flashes. I'm trying to get a seamless transition between the two so one can't tell another .flv is being loaded.

    Hope that makes sense. Any help would be appreciated.

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    If the background color of your Flash doc is white, that may be what's showing thru, so change the background color to red, see if the blink color changes.
    Not sure how your player is constructed by I usually put a message or at least a colored panel in the layer directly under the video screen. So before the video starts to play, the viewer sees the message, "Welcome" or whatever. The message is always there but gets covered over with the video once video starts. See attached photo for examples
    Best wishes,
    Eye for Video
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    Thanks Eye. I hid the problem by putting in the same scene and dissolving.


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