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Thread: .swf works in flashplayer not in browser

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    does anyone have any idea as to why a .swf file of mine will play in a flash player with no problem but when that same file is embedded in to an html document the actionscripts do not work.

    I have several scenes in the .swf and each scene can be navigated through drop down menus. The same drop down menu is in every scene and each scene contains duplicate labels. Can that be causing the problem?

    if you have any ideas please let me know


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    Well, that could certainly have something to do with it.

    You should always make sure you don't have any duplicate label names.

    It could also, possibly, be the export options you have selected.

    Are you using aftershock or the options in flash?

    Hope this helps.

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    security setting

    It was the security setting on my browswer. Someone was playing around with it, I soon realized that nothing was download so I set all the browser settings to default.

    thanks for your suggestions


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