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Thread: Newb questions about making an RPG

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    Newb questions about making an RPG

    Alright, so I'm actually much more of an artist/spriter/writer... but after discovering what wonderful games people can make with flash, I've become inspired to try and make my own game with it as well. I've been trying to learn the basics of flash and found many tutorials that interest me on this site. Of course, I'm still a newb and have a ton of questions. With a flash game, is it even possible to do the following?

    Create an object (like a diary or a NPC) that acts as a "Savepoint"?

    Create a day/night system, where after a certain amount of time night falls and you must make a character go to bed? Perhaps also something that keeps track of the days that have gone by so far?

    Create objects that your character can pick up and give to NPCs?

    Make a mini-morpg?

    Also, any advice for someone just starting out would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    All of those are possible. Telling you how to do all these things at once would take too much time, but I can help you with individual problems you have.
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    My first advice, make a pong game, maybe a snakey game. If you are just starting, do NOT attempt an RPG, even a small one. You might be able to pull out a small engine, but it will not do for an actual game. After you make several TINY SIMPLE games, you might be ready to start a tile based game, or a shooter...

    All that is very possible with Flash, but the very act of asking that questing indicates to me at least that you are not ready to attempt it yet.


    EDIT: Sorry for being such a downer, but it's quite often we see people who've only heard of Flash, and immediately want to make an RPG...

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    hey howl if you think you got what it takes, we can collaborate. give me a msg.

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