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Thread: Quicktime export not showing nested animations

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    Quicktime export not showing nested animations

    Hi there

    anytime i plan on exporting a flash animation to video (or into after effects), i do all the animation long hand and with no actionscript animation.

    I've found numerous articles saying that flash CS3+ supports nested animations and AS animation but if you export a one-frame movie with all AS and nested animations, you will only get the one frame.

    even if you extend the timeline to record for the proper amount of time, you'll only get what you'd see by scrubbing the head in preview.

    It seems like there's a big gap here between what it's supposed to do and what it's doing.

    if anyone has any info to share on this i'd really appreciate it!

    Stevie Spin
    Media Designer

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    hi the problem you face is because quicktime is just a video playing plugin. it cannot understand embedded levels of animation. either keep all on time line. or use flash player to show your animation.

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