I'm working on a Flash AS3 project that uses FLVPlayback and SeekBar components and loads an FLV video from a standard web site (not a Flash Video Streaming Server.) Here's the URL for reference:


When allowed to play without interacting with the seek bar, the video and Flash animation play as expected. The issue I'm having is that when I scrub the seek bar, the video doesn't always keep up, and worse, sometimes it jumps to the wrong place when released. (I customized this SeekBar component, but found that if I use a standard SeekBar it behaves the same.)

For the video encoding, I used the FLV for Flash 8 settings with Sorenson as the compressor. I left the data rate and keyframe interval alone as I really don't understand exactly how they work. I did embed some event and navigation cue points however, and listen for them in the SWF to trigger animation overlays on top of the video layer.

I also have listeners in place for onScrubStart and onScrubFinish, but disabling them doesn't seem to have any impact on the problem.

Finally, I tried adjusting the values for the seekBarInterval and seekBarScrubTolerance properties of the FLVPlayback component. I didn't notice any difference than when I left them at their default values.

My client is expecting the ability to scrub the video accurately without the punchiness it exhibits now, much like the scrub handle in QuickTime or Adobe Media Encoder. Is this a reasonable request, or does it seem like I'm doing something wrong here?

Many thanks in advance.