Hi everyone,

A few of us are working on tactics type game. No, I'm not asking how to do tile based games, the question isn't that exciting! So far, I've developed an isometric map editor that can support different layers with objects both textural and multiple tiled.

We also have a working pathfinding engine that's already been created and implemented within the map editor and it's been going great!

Until today.

Since I'm more of the programmatic type person, I've never really had to deal with the 'art' aspects of making Flash games. And today I've realized that it's a whole separate things entirely ...

Our artist has created some amazing tiles to be used (you can see them here) and as a test. However, simply importing them has caused a few problems:

Problem 1
Importing an isometric tile results in an invisible bounding box. Well, it's not invisible, but looking online I've learnt how to export PNG files with transparency. However, as you can probably guess, the invisible bounding box gets in the way when trying to select other tiles to place objects on.

I believe there was a way to use the Wand Tool (can't find it though?) in Flash, break up the image, and delete the bounding box. Then converting the rest of the visible image to a movieclip, you won't have a problem.


Problem 2
Importing the images looks like crap!

I believe, from what I read online, that importing pixel art images into Flash are automatically anti-aliased or something? Is there a way (if that's the case) to make sure that the pixel art is 100% the way it should look?

Other than that ... I guess we're on the right track. It's been going well, we have some good tiles, a working map editor with pathfinding as well as a good premise for the story.

Will have a website up and running soon, so I'll be sure to post it once it's ready and whatnot.

Thanks everyone!