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Thread: can i Load Random text quotes within a movieclip?

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    can i Load Random text quotes within a movieclip?

    ok so i have this fortune cookie project im working on here and i need a little help.

    ok so on my scene is one button and a movie clip.
    and so far i have it that when you click the button the movie clip plays and the cookie breaks and the fortune animates out.

    my question, is their a way to generate random quotes or "fortunes" every time you play the movie clip. like can their be dynamic text inside the movie clip that randomly picks one of the fortune to display?

    any help would be greatly appreciated.
    kind regards.

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    Yes, you can either load the quotes from the server as a xml and display them randomly, or you could store them in a array in the movie clip, then have a dynamic textfield display one of the guotes from the array.

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    wow, thanks for the quick reply.

    Im looking into using a text array to set it up. seems like it will work for what im trying to do. im sure i can figure this out.

    thanks again
    i rarely post here but im a long time visitor, always seem to get the info i need.

    if anyone knows any good quote array tutorial or anything offhand you think would help please point me in the right direction (if not im sure i will find what i need at some point)

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    you can download the :: Random Quotes (XML - Driven) :: application from my library
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