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Thread: Buttons HTML

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    Buttons HTML

    I can never get my head around buttons...
    if someone come help me please...?

    when you hover over the button i want it to play and movie clip. (mc_aboutus)
    when you click the button i want it to go to a HTML page. (aboutus.html)

    can this be done? thanks for any help... =)

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    ello, buttons are really simple to get your head around once you know how.

    when you convert something into a button you get 4 states when you double click it.
    up means this is what the button will look like just sat there
    over is what the button will look like on mouse hover
    down is what it will do when you click it
    hit is a way of making invisible edges to make your button more clickable. for example text, you would have to click bang on the words but if you draw a box around the txt in the hit area you wouldnt.

    then theres basic code

    right click on a button and enter
    on (release ) {
    this is basic code to tell your button to go do something when its released (when you release the left click button) in thsi case it will go to frame 2 but you can do other things to.

    iv included a small demo fla too. cuz im like that need to visually show ppl what im trying to say.

    in the demo the movie will play itself when you hover over the button and will open up google when you click it. hope this will help you out.
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