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CS3 Adition of two strings... How? (cast)?
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Thread: Adition of two strings... How? (cast)?

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    Adition of two strings... How? (cast)?

    Here we go... i know, that i have to CAST them... but how?
    The idea is to add (adition) two strings...
    a:String = "20";
    b:String = "10";

    c:String = a+b;

    I get c=2010 and not 30 as i expected...
    i guess i have to cast, but how?


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    You're trying to add 2 strings together that why 20 + 10 = 2010. You first need to convert the strings into numbers and then add them together to achieve a proper mathematical addition. Try this,
    Actionscript Code:
    var c:String = String(Number(a)+Number(b));
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