Hi, I'm using this function to remove the FLV playback component whenever a video has finished playing.

Actionscript Code:
function completeHandler(event:VideoEvent):void
            if(theInfo != defaultInfo)
            trace("INFO PAGE:", theInfo, "PROFILE PAGE:", theProfile)
            myVideo.source = "assets/decoy.flv";

This is how file is meant to work: by clicking a button on the mainPage a video will load and after the video has finished playing, it will load up a subPage with more buttons. These buttons if clicked will load up another video and once the video is complete is will load a smaller infoPage. The infoPage displays one button, which once pressed, displays the ProfilePage.

So: Video(FLV component) >> subPage (MovieClip) >> infoPage(MovieClip) >> profilePage(MovieClip).

My problem is that once you get to the profilePage, a few seconds later it is removed by the completeHandler. If you navigate to it slowly however(and by slowly I mean wait 5-10 seconds between each stage), there is no such issue. The delay of the complete handler is affecting the children that must stay on the stage.