I haven't used Flash in quite a while and wanted to make an animation to display quite a few photos. As i'm out of practice, linking videos kind of skipped my mind and therefore my first file which has lots of images in has become quite heavy and slow to run.

My problem is... Is there a quick and easy way i can directly switch one part of an animation with another, keeping all the tweens and actions that are on it? (EG I want to switch out images for the same images saved as smaller files)

Or, is there a way i can scale down the movie in size to make it run smoother? I am going to have quite a lot of photos in a series of linked videos, but as i forgot about it, my first video has too much content and is too big in file size. It can be quite big as it's only for use on my mac (not online) but i still need it smaller as it won't run smoothly.