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Thread: Problems with uploading FLV (not showing up?)

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    Problems with uploading FLV (not showing up?)

    Hello I need some assistance, I've read up all over the internet to discover that the problem I'm having a lot of people are having because of server MIME type settings.

    (more info http://www.pat-burt.com/adobe-flash/...-flvs-display/)

    Basically I'm having problems with my embedded flash video (flash 8) showing up on the website I'm hosting with webshotingpad. (juliocarmine.com)
    I've uploaded all the files properly (http://www.juliocarmine.com/micasa/video/) and when testing the embedded videos in flash they work fine
    but when I upload them to the server ... they don't play.

    From what I've read the MIME types for .flv needs to be changed to the proper one that will support the flv playback on my server.

    I've tried


    after testing the site again it hasn't fixed it.

    Any help you can provide in assisting me to get these .flv files to play on the server would be great, thank you!

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    Well if you are using a reputable hosting service, I would think that someone has attempted to display .flv files before you. If not... well then I'd wonder about the host. They should have all MIME issues resolved before you got there.
    That being said, there are a lot of other variables that could prevent your video from playing..... Post a link to the actual page which should play the video, then we'll take a look. That's really the best way to diagnose the problems.
    Best wishes,
    Eye for Video

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    I've emailed my host and seeking help.

    as far as the actual page.. unfortunately I can't directly link you to it... because it's my first website and I just did it completely in flash and you have to navigate to it =(

    BUT I can help you navigate to it!


    1) click the heart

    2) when JC logo appears, highlight RIGHT BRACKET and click "Mi Casa"

    3) When the livingroom loads click the little remote control on the couch

    4) let it load... a TV will load and there will be little buttons on the left side of the TV (7 buttons to be exact) each of these buttons have a separate video to them... click any of the buttons...

    sorry for the inconvenience of having to navigate the website!
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    OKAY I FIGURED IT OUT, I skipped through the processes too quickly... didn't do the last step before uploading which was

    "updating the component inspector" with the actual URL to the files of their location on my server, the swf embedded player was searching for the files locally on my desktop and not on my server.

    uploaded the changes and it works.

    woohoo!!! success
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