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Thread: exporting issue

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    exporting issue

    I made an animation in flash that has some audio attached--if i export it to a SWF then the sound appears but not when I transfer to an AVI. I have made sure that the sound is specified, so it shouldn't be disabled.

    Conversely, when I've tried to export it as a MOV I keep saying that the publish settings need to be Flash 5 earlier...if I make it Flash 5 it still gives me the same message.

    Any recommendations? For the .avi I have tried adding


    to my last frame but got absolutely nothing. there are enough frames, too.

    Is there a reliable conversion program?

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    When it tells you to make it flash 5 or less it's trying to make a flash movie which is Quicktime compliant (Quicktime supports flash 5 exports as a native format). Go into quicktime properties and make it something like animation to see if it works (it's an uncompressed preset to see best quality output).

    Check the properties box on the stage and make sure that your audio layer is set to START, not EVENT OR STREAM.

    Also check your MP3 properties and your Publish Settings to ensure your audio settings are good (I'm not sure that they are related but it's worth a look).

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