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Thread: Multiplayer Interactivity

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    Multiplayer Interactivity

    how can this kind of a multiplayer and smooth mouse movement can be achieved ?
    I tried to play with some pre-made chat scripts, but it looks like they look "sluggy" with the high latency.


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    You would need a socket server for something like that. Premade chat scripts are probably just using html requests polling a server. That would be fine for a turn based game, but not for any action.

    There are several socket server engines out there, but their names escape me. One of the devs of one used to post here a lot. If the sticky at the top of the forum still has the multiplayer game discussion thread, it should have them in there, or just google around for socket server.

    The problem being that you will have to pay for a socket server. That is a monthly fee, but not too high, can probably get one to handle smallish loads for about $10 a month. The other problem is that the socket server code bases that I looked at a few years back were not on free licenses. They had free tests for about 20 people concurrent, but ramped up in cost after that. I believe licensing was a onetime fee though.
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    Well smartfox server is the one of the mostly used server for flash out there, and I think they have a free version with limited connections. But I suggest you try out
    1) http://playerio.com/
    2) http://palabre.gavroche.net
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