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Motion tween - flickery bars
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Thread: Motion tween - flickery bars

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    Question Motion tween - flickery bars

    Iv seen a few similar posts about this topic but have yet to find one the same or a solution that works. I have 7 images which move across the canvas after each other using a series of motion tweens. The tweens work fine and there are deffinutly no missing frames. the frame rate is set to 32 but the problem occurs no matter what the frame rate is set to.

    When exporting the flash movie the images move correctly however weird flickery bars of the image sem to load in a downwards fashion across the flash object.

    Ant ideas on why this happens and how to solve it?

    I have attached the relevant SWF containing only 4 of the 7 images in order to keep file size in the limit, but the effect is the same.

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