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php vars & attachmovie, help!!
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Thread: php vars & attachmovie, help!!

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    Angry php vars & attachmovie, help!!

    Hi there i am new to Flash/action script and i am trying to create a avatar using flash from a sql database.
    the php page is set up and the variables work, however i want to use attachmovie to show certain symbols depending on the database information.

    php outputs this...

    the problem i am having is i cant get attachmovie to work. the symbol is set up in the library and i have used linkage to get the id, but it dosnt work.
    i know the php is working as the top two lines which use htmltext show the correct information. its just the attach movie i cannot get to work.

    please help!
    here is the action script:

    PHP Code:
    myData = new LoadVars()
    myData.ref this
    //Fetch data 

    myData.onLoad = function(){
    this.ref["Petname"].htmlText "<b>"+this["Name"]+"</b>"
    this.ref["BG"].htmlText "<b>"+this["BG"]+"</b>"
    that it SHOULD do is load a symbol with the id "Test" (which is the variable int he php code.)

    this has bugged me for hours now so i any help would be so so brilliant!

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    Shouldn't it be
    Actionscript Code:
    myData.onLoad = function(){
                ref["Petname"].htmlText = "<b>"+this["Name"]+"</b>"
                ref["BG"].htmlText = "<b>"+this["BG"]+"</b>"

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