I'm a bit of a newb so I apologize in advance. I'm embedding a stand alone As2 xml based video player into flash site that draws all of its content via xml. I have no problem linking to the swf but none of the content in the player will show up when the primary site is opened. I'm pretty confident that it is because in order for the video player to work it needs it's config.xml file which is in the same directory as the swf and a supporting xml file in a sub-directory. My question is, how do I pass both xml files into primary project. Currently my xml looks like the following:

<submenuitem heading="MUSIC GALLERY" swf="modules/mediagallery/mediagallery.swf" xml="modules/mediagallery/musicgallery.xml" bg="img/bg2.jpg" contentWidth="850" contentHeight="410" />

Thanks for any help.