Sorry everyone. The upload seems to work fine for me, yet nobody else was so lucky. Unfortunately, you'll have to host your own swf and post it here for voters to view and choose. It looks like we've got 5 entries total... hope to see them soon.

Voting will still conclude as scheduled on Sunday, May 23rd at 6:00:00 PM EST (GMT -5).

Here were the voting guidelines:

* Overall Best Game - Should be pretty obvious, but the game that gets the most of these votes will win top-honors and the game competition.
* Best Graphics - Sometimes it doesn't matter how bad your game is as long as that turd is polished to high-luster shine.
* Most Original Idea - As if original ideas still existed. Vote a game for this award if the concept is truly revolutionary.
* Best Gameplay - Vote a game for this award if you honestly couldn't stop playing it. Didn't matter if it was a pacman clone. You. Just. Couldn't. Stop.
* Favorite Game - This is not your choice for best game, but the game that had you coming back for more.

Again, sorry for the inconvenience. My roommate gave me a nasty cold...