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Thread: AS2 HELP!!!! Button inside of MC...EASY ONE!!!

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    Unhappy AS2 HELP!!!! Button inside of MC...EASY ONE!!!

    I have a button inside of a movie clip that I want to control (define) from the main timeline to getURL.

    How do I access that button from the main timeline? I am using the same MC (button) multiple times through out the flash to get different results.

    I thought this would do it... no luck.

    HERE IS MY CODE...using AS2.

    mc_trigger.mc_media.onRelease = function(){
    getURL("http://wbtreview.sbctest.com/LMC-Test/MichelleStacko/TCP-Project/media/flash/FiveRules.swf", "_blank");
    trace("show trace if button is working");

    thanks in advance.

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    Are you sure your movieclip has an instance name of mc_trigger and your button inside the movieclip has the instance name mc_media?

    If so, try: _root.mc_trigger.mc_media.onRelease = function(){

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